Barrique Line

With the Barrique wines, Skovin completed its production process and product range. This line is represented by the wines Chardonnay, Cuvee Selection Barrique and Syrah Cabernet. The wine is aged in wooden barrels with a capacity of 225 liters. For this line, the best wines are selected and placed in barrels.
Barrique wine means wine aged in vats or barrels. The combination of wood and the slow microoxygenation results in softening of the wine tannins which become gentler, and the aroma evolves into a bouquet and becomes more intense and lasting. The wood itself enriches the wine with a wide range of different aromas.

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  • Cuvee Selection

    Philosophy: The choice of grape varieties for this cuvée was made in order to achieve a perfect synergy of major international varieties with our local pride, the Vranec. Our aim behind this impressive creation was to make a unique cuvée in which every variety will be recognisable and will leave a special mark to the wine. Vintage: The 2010 vintage was ideal with good rainfall spread throughout the year. Moreover, the dry period in the maturation phase of the grapes ensured high sugar contents and richness in polyphenols. Vinification: crushing of grapes, maceration, fermentation, pre-decantation, malolactic fermentation, wine mixing, and decantation. Aged for two years in barrique barrels and one year in a stainless steel tank. Best served at temperature 16-18°C, with strong meat, roast pork and smoked meat.

  • Syrah-Cabernet

    These two noble grape varietals grown on the southern slopes of Vodno, give a wine of unique style. The structure of Cabernet and the abundance of the fruity and spicy aromas of Syrah, make a wine exquisitely rich, full, tender, attractive, a real temptation for the lips.The grapes for this wine come from our own vineyards where the actual blending takes place. After removing stems, whole grape berries are subjected to cool maceration of 24 to 48 hours, to enrich the juice with aromatic compounds. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel vinificators, by using selected yeasts at temperature of 26-28ºC. As the fermentation reaches its end, each tank is tested twice a day to monitor the balance of tannins and depending on the tank, this is achievable between 8 to 10 days while on skins. Malolactic fermentation follows the decanting stage. The wine is becoming softer and more harmonious, richer in taste, aroma and even in colour. The wine matures in oak barrels for 12months.Syrah-Cabernet Barrique is dry red wine of ruby red colour. Its characteristic bouquet is of ripe fruits and spices mixed with the aroma of vanilla and dark chocolate. Its body is structural with soft tannins and mighty finish and pronounced woodyaromas. It is served at temperature from 16-18°C, with beef, lamb andduck.

  • Chardonnay Barrique

    Chardonnay Barrique is dry white wine with gold-yellow color. Its aroma is complex with shades of ripe grapefruit notes pleasantly combined with vanilla aroma. The body is full and soft with pleasant freshness, elegant aftertaste and expressed vanilla aroma.The grapes are handpicked during early September. On arriving at the winery, the grapes are destemmed and settle over a two day period to yield a brilliantly clear juice. The juice is fermented at 12-14ºC, with a combination of different yeast to produce a complex wine. The malolactic fermentation is completed. After fermentation the wine is placed in wooden barrels where it matures for 12months. It is served at temperature from 8 –12ºC, as an aperitif, with meals of sh and white meat, as well as with desserts.

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