Double gold medal for the wine from the Premium line - "Skupi Cuvee" harvest 2011.

This year's edition of the Balkan International Competition and Wine Festival brought wonderful news for the Macedonian company Winery Skovin Group. The event was held from June 2 to 4 this year, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje. For the first time in the country, an event of this type was organized. Besides the competition, the jury and the guests had the opportunity to visit the wineries in the country.

The festival part of the event took place from June 17th to 19th in Sofia, under the open sky in front of the National Palace of Culture.

In the competitive part of the ten-year edition of BIWCF, which took place in a pleasant atmosphere in a competition of 1000 different wines that participated in this year's competition, Winery Skovin Group won the Double Gold Medal for wine from the Premium line - "Skupi Cuvee" vintage 2011.

One silver medal each for "Temjanika" from the Selected Edition line and "Traminec" from the Variety line.

The bronze medals went to "Pinot Noir" from the Premium line and Syrah Cabernet Barrique from the Barrique line.

The received awards are a motive for maintaining the quality of the brand and the trust of the consumers as the most loyal partners of Winery Skovin Group.

Gold medal for Skovin Group Winery at the most prestigious Mundus Vini International Wine Competition

At the 28th International Wine Competition "Mundus Vini" held in Germany, in an extremely strong competition, the top and unique taste were crucial for the jury of this professional competition to award a Gold Medal to the wine Markov Manastir, from the 2011 harvest, which is part of the Premium Wine Line of Skovin Group Winery. The first Macedonian top dry red wine obtained from selected grapes of the Vranec variety, from the own plantations of Skovin Winery, locality Markova Reka. Powerful, supreme, irreplaceable.

The quality of our products is our highest priority, and at the same time special attention is paid to the development of the company. The winery is currently working on new quality products for which we expect to be top wine ambassadors of our country in the world.

Mundus Vini is one of the most famous and most appreciated wine competitions. "Markov Manastir" wine won the gold medal in the competition of more than 10,000 wines of producers from all over the world, with over 50 participating countries. The quality of the wines is evaluated by an international expert jury composed of 150 highly qualified judges-oenologists, wine analysts, wine traders, sommelier and journalists who follow the world wine industry.

It is common for Skovin Winery's award-winning wine, along with other Mundus Winnie winners, to be on display at one of the world's largest wine events, ProWein in Dusseldorf, but due to the Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic, it will not take place this year.

Skovin Winery awarded with a silver medal at the International Wine Challenge in London for "Kratosija"

This year's edition of the event "International Wine Challenge" brought wonderful news for the Macedonian company Winery Skovin Group which is a silver medal for its wine "Kratoshija", vintage 2019, which is part of their so-called "premium line".

This prestigious competition was held in London, where the evaluation is carried out by teams composed of experts, connoisseurs and influential people from the international wine industry, which makes this award even more valuable.

Winery Skovin Group participated in the competition with other products, and for the wines "Temjanika" from the series "Selected edition", harvest 2019 and "Sandzoveze" from the series "Premium line", from the harvest 2017, the jury of the competition awarded a special recognition and recommendation.

Traditionally, over 50 countries participate in this event every year, competing with over 10 thousand samples of high quality varieties and types of wines from around the world. Even when most of the businesses are dormant, the London event is attended by everyone who has an impact on the global wine industry, which makes it a great opportunity to promote a unique Macedonian wine story and a long tradition of wine production. The awards received at such an eminent competition for Skovin Winery are just another proof of consistency in maintaining quality, strengthening the brand and consumer confidence, as well as motivation for new challenges and successes at work.

The winery "Skovin" among the winners of the fair "BeoWine Fair" in Belgrade

The Skovin winery won two silver awards at the BeoWine International Wine Fair in Belgrade. The awarded wines come from Finest Selection, their most desired line of wines that conquers both the regional and world markets. The awarded wines are "Temjanika" (harvest 2016) and "Syrah Cabernet Barrique" (harvest 2012).
"Temjanika" is one of the most awarded wines of "Skovin" which has complex fruit aromas, as well as aromas of elderberry, basil and incense. The taste is fruity, fresh and harmonious, with a rich extract.
"Syrah Cabernet Barrique" is a quality dry red wine, made from the varieties Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The structure of Cabernet and the richness of the fruit and spicy aroma of Syrah, make this wine extremely rich, drinkable and a real temptation for all wine lovers.
"BeoWine Fair" is one of the most prestigious wine fairs in the Balkans, which is attended by the most prestigious domestic and regional wine producers.
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