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Take the opportunity to learn more about our product assortment, the wine cellar and share with us your impressions from our wines and other products from WINERYSKOVIN GROUP’s portfolio. The web-site shall be open to all those who respect tradition and wish to enjoy the renowned taste and aroma of the Quality White, Rose and Red Wine. We will develop WINERYSKOVIN GROUP as a brand together. We shall promote the Macedonian culture, quality and tradition in the country and abroad. We shall remain proud and remarkable by the unique moment of joy interwoven in each sip of wine!


Wine as centuries old tradition

Macedonia stretches in the Mediterranean region, which according to the legends, chronicles and myths is considered to be the fatherland of the wine. This divine drink that encouraged the spirit of the Ancient Gods, national heroes and poets, has been produced for more than 5 thousand years. Both wine admirers and scientists assign numerous nutritional, tasty and healthy characteristics to the wine, and even some subtle ones, along with the potential to incite the creative powers of the human spirit, inspiring reflection of some impulses of the human fantasy, culture and humanity to the gifts of nature.

On the territory of Macedonia many kingdoms and empires have changed, many different religions and civilizations have dominated, but the cult towards the wine has never lost its continuity, attractiveness, and persistence.

The fruits of this tradition are present even nowadays.
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