Mission and Vision


Our mission is dedication to the growth and development of our people and business activities. By combining accurate, opportunely, reliable and exceptional customer service, through the motto – our customers are our friends.

We are constantly working on improving the quality of wines, increasing the availability of products to the general public.

Our passion for wine has been successfully turned into our pride. We are proud of the selection of the best grape ingredients and the practical approach to making wine. The commitment to quality and the process itself has resulted in outstanding, award-winning wines that everyone can enjoy.


The commitment to quality and excellence, continuous improvement of services is a leading point that differs us from the others. Respect among colleagues, collective support for each other for maximum efficiency, adherence to sound ethical and moral principles, also the initiative and responsibility for workplace tasks and clients.

Intensive development and promotion of the position as a leading industrial leader in the wine business in the region and worldwide.

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